Monday, September 18, 2017

Dear God, I sit quietly, shut away from the world, in communion with you. My secret friend, sitting with me while I plan for the day. You strengthen me and soothe me.

Yet, when I get up from here, you seem to disappear like a mist. The peace I knew just moments ago flees me, and I once again face a world of challenge and difficulty, feeling alone.

Lord, my secret friend, let me take you with me. Indeed, it is not you who leaves, but it is I who do not properly see. You are with me all along, I only imagine you to be gone. You are my true friend and will not abandon me.

Dear, sweet Lord, I am grateful that you have grown into this friend. It has only come through persistent prayer, over time. This is a relationship built bit by bit. Thank you for slowly revealing yourself to me.

Let me glide through this world aware of your love, even when assailed by the trivial enemies that litter the day. Thank you.

(Letter #992)