Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dear God, I alter or withhold action so often as a result of my emotions. I feel one way, so I act. I feel another way, so I change. What you call me to do, my obligations, persist. Yet I approach them chaotically, all at the whims of my emotions.

Lord, let me have steadfast equanimity. Let me glow with your light, and bring this even, positive disposition to my every task. No matter the calling, let me thankfully immerse myself in the doing.

I have such a changeable nature. Steady me. Govern me. Suck the drama out of my life, the chaos, the disorder. Place my feet where they belong, and guide me to set them each one before the other, steady and carefully.

Grant me a deliberate nature today, let me be an oasis of peace. Let me bring this peace to all today.

(Letter #993)