Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dear God, of late I have felt desperation and longing, indeed for days this has been so. This morning, you have awakened me with a feeling of wholeness. You are present with me; I feel your nearness.

I so often pray to become as a child, trusting and simple. But a child has no duties, yet I owe you devotion and service. Let me become, instead, your servant. Let me serve you through service to all those around me.

You have populated my life with opportunity to overcome all the small feelings and selfishness that bedevil me. Let me bring peace to those around me. Let me serve those around me in large ways and small. Let me sacrifice comfort and ease, as my expression of devotion and gratitude to you.

If I am truly grateful, I will not rest until there is peace around me and all are in harmony.

You have entered into my heart. I was a wretch before your coming. I was laid low, low enough to seek you. You allowed yourself to be found. Now I am whole.

Let me bring wholeness to every single person I encounter today. Let this be my aim. Let me ask myself, “How can I best serve?” Let me listen for your answer, and act.

Shine through me, Lord, upon this world.

(Letter #1,000)