Monday, October 9, 2017

Dear God, today, let me pass on to others the good news. You watch over the world, we are safe in your care. You miraculously grant us the ability to choose, to act. All of our problems are of our own making, they arise from how we behave towards one another.

Lord, let me act with good cheer to those around me today. Let me look around me at the events of the day, without complaint. Even in the midst of the dullest episode, or of the most vexing privation, let me seek the opportunity to convey the good news to my fellows.

Lord, you keep me safe – we all are kept safe. You provide me resources – you provide for all. You ask of me that I serve others – we all are called to benefit one another.

Lord, let me have a cheerful attitude today. My complaints are futile, indeed, disloyal. Let me be a source of gladness today, as my expression of faith in you.

(Letter #1013)