Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dear God, I anticipate future days, and steel myself to withstand forthcoming trials. I prepare. I plan.

Events rarely unfold as I predict, and yet, Lord, you provide the words and deeds when and as they are necessary. You guide me today, and did so when yesterday was today as well. You will support me tomorrow.

Lord, let me not be so disloyal as to believe myself the architect of my actions. In truth I am always responding to conditions that you set. Let me have acceptance of what unfolds around me, and live in this day only.

What is my obligation in this moment? It is always the same: to do your will. The next right thing.

Let me be willing to live this life, today, without one foot in tomorrow. Let me not be distracted by maybes and possiblies, but stay and rejoice in the real and actual. Today is the reality you have given. Let me be with you in it.

(Letter #1014)