Friday, October 13, 2017

Dear God, increase my faith. For too long I have held on by my fingernails, believing my well-being entirely dependent on my actions.

May I let go, O Lord. Let me fall into your arms and feel you carry me from place to place. Let my dependence on you increase day by day such that yesterday‘s trust must today appear as nothing.

Let me, Lord, glide from task to task with the knowledge that at each station I will find, laid before me, all I need. Let me trust you, my friend and captain.

God, let my unbelief shrink. Let me recognize my tenacious efforts at survival for what they are: mistrust. Let belief and trust balloon and crowd out my doubting self.

You offer ease, O Lord. Why do I so rarely accept it?

Let me gladly receive your gift today.

(Letter #1017)