Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dear God, you see right into me. Every surface I present, every illusion I harbor, you look right through, and you love what is found there at my core. A flawed diamond, in the middle of it all. When I dare look, I see only the defects.

Yet you have made me! Me, and all my fellows. Where I see miscreation, you have instead wrought purpose.

Lord, grant me choice in my thought life. Let me not believe myself the victim of unbidden ideas. Let me see the truth about this inner life.

Let me choose rightly, beginning with where I settle my attention. Events unfold; let me not fix my gaze on how they will affect me, but instead let me concentrate on how I may convey your glowing love. Is it by word? Deed? Example, negative or constructive?

Let my inner life be ordered. Impel me, Lord, that I may think and act as you would have me do.

(Letter #1116)