Friday, February 9, 2018

Dear God, my mind is distracted by all I see around me. I husband my resources, I tend to the walls of my fortress, I maintain my physical body. These occupations consume my time and energy. All the while, you shower me with gifts which are invisible and insensible.

Beguiled by the tangible world and by my imagined battles, I would not even recognize your treasure were I to see it.

Your gifts, Lord, appear so ordinary. Let me see what you hold out to me with such love.

How could such dull offerings bring such wealth? Yet this is the truth of it. That insurmountable obstacle cloaks a gently-taught lesson. That crushing setback enfolds a chance to rebuild what was shaky. These attacks from the wider world drive me to cling ever more strongly to you.

Let me, O Lord, look past what is before my eyes, reach beyond what I can grasp. These things are here to make what is beyond all the more valuable when sought. Let me look through the tissue of this world and see the love, the reality, you hold out to me.

(Letter #1126)