Friday, February 23, 2018

Dear God, let me spread hope. I daily encounter others who seem to see themselves in a joyless world, a mechanical world of iron bars, clanking wheels, hard rain. Concrete. You, Lord, have changed my sight so this is not what I see, even as I walk the same ground.

I see a bud pushing through a crack in a cement pathway. I see new growth on charred trunks after a wildfire. I see a family of foxes taking shelter under an abandoned vehicle.

I see my fellows crying to one another, sharing warmth.

Lord, let what I see be seen by all. Grant me the words and deeds to convey the life springing up everywhere.

O the power, the slow power of your love that courses through the abundant life. The life is abundantly around me, and within me too, each of us, our days are abundant. Moment upon moment cascades upon me and each one is a universe of new opportunity. You shower me.

Lord. Let me call others to this vision you have laid upon me.

(Letter #1140)