Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dear God, as I reflect on what is happening in my life, find that if I focus on the here and now I am completely fine. At this moment, there is no real trouble. Yet I have a feeling of unease as I consider what may happen in the future, even as near to me as just a few hours’ hence.

This worry about what may or may not happen later infects my attitude toward what is present now. Later’s worries become now’s woes. All this does, of course, is rob me of any peace of mind I may have currently.

These things, about which I worry later, may not come to pass at all. Indeed, when has what I fear as the worst ever happened?

Such worries squander today in favor of a dismal and distant tomorrow, one which may never come.

God, please let me acknowledge my current situation in its fullness. The fact is that I am just fine here and now. Let me please discern this, accept it, and be joyously grateful for it.

(Letter #1167)