Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dear God, I am like a pond with no outlet, thinking of myself and my petty concerns. I seek your strength, yet for such small things. What a misuse of this time, of this earthly body. I seek merely to survive, to improve my position – Lord, let my aims improve.

Grant me supply, O Lord. Bring to me a new view of life and of my place in it. Let me give to others, let me spread your love widely. Let me think of my own needs and doings last. You have always supported me in all things, brought me here, safely. Why, therefore, do I insist on taking my security first in line? If I stand last, if I receive last, then I am still saved nonetheless.

Let my life have outlet. Let me be a source of comfort to others. I will be taken care of soon enough.

Let others stand before me in line.

(Letter #1172)