Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dear God, let me be an oasis. Let me attract with my cool water, shade, soft earth. Let those who come find rest and be restored.

The harsh sunlight beats down so many. They are exposed, raw, restless. They cover their heads in rags and slow to a crawl.

Let me offer cool water, O Lord. Let me offer shade.

Many fear the sun, yet you have constructed me to thrive in the light. Look down upon me; the more exposed I am the more erect I stand. How did this happen, when before I, too, shrank from such exposure?

Lord, you granted me grace to see how nourishing is your sunlight. I walk under the same light as do all. As they come to rest with me, Lord, let me pass on your love.

If you are love, then love is You. Let me pass on love, that all who walk in the desert may see it with new eyes.

We are your desert people, Lord. This landscape is indeed a wonder to behold and contains unimagined life. Show it to me, that I may share with my brothers and sisters.

(Letter #1194)