Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dear God, let me see my tasks and troubles rightly. I view your power as a means to my own ends – as a supply for me to draw upon in expending efforts towards my own will, or to aid me in dealing with setbacks and problems. What a misuse of your grace! You provide such wealth, and I squander it on trivialities.

Lord, let me rest and hear your will for me. What I am to do, you will provide for. My weariness is not to be endured – but is instead a sign that I have fallen away from you. You pour energy through my body when I am in pursuit of your divine purposes.

Weariness and trials confer on me no special distinction. Fatigue is no mark of dilligence. I am no more virtuous than the next.

Lord, my Lord, use me today. Direct my actions as you would. Let me abandon myself to this, holding nothing back, no reserve just in case. Your supply perfectly matches need. Let me trust this is so.

(Letter #1202)