Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dear God, let me discover ease in even the most difficult trial you send me. Amidst effort and exertion, let me look for the spots of rest. They exist, within my grasp – you promise me relief and I need not wait for it. Let me see it here right before me.

Let me be ease for others. The one who is struggling, the one in pain, the one confused – let me bring relief into their lives. Let me be a living oasis in this desert. Let me spread the recognition that the places of the desert and the oasis are inverted – you have constructed the world such that trial is momentary, while grace is all around. And yet we act as if the world were comprised of a series of difficulties. Let me share with my fellows how to see the world.

When I see trials as gifts, I then will want more. Bring them, more! Each one given by you.

Lord, let me be eager to be tested today.

(Letter #1212)