Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dear God, will you come to me? Will you bring me the power I do not have? I face the dawn like it is an army arrayed against me, as if I am a fortress that must be guarded. At my core, what I protect, is a fearful heart. I feel it in my chest, quickening and thumping.

Lord, still my heart. Settle my thoughts. I recriminate myself for yesterday’s shortcomings. Let me not drag them throughout the day. If I have sought to make peace with my failures already, I need not fight that inner battle over and over.

Let me walk forward today with courage. Let me act, even as I fear. Let me not cower, nor shrink from the dawn. As you cause the sun to rise, you may yet deliver the gift of relief. To receive it, I need only surrender, rather than gird for battle.

Lord, let me surrender to your will completely — even if your will may be that I experience fear, that I can be a more compassionate friend to others.

Let me courageously lift up those who also fear.

(Letter #1286)