Monday, July 23, 2018

Dear God, somewhere deep inside me, there you are. As I venture inside myself I feel you in my distant center, a long day’s journey. This activity all around me, this calamity, this distraction, has driven you farther and farther away along this inner road.

Let me turn from the world and toward you. It is my own choice to be distracted. Let me choose what is better.

I pray for signs, power, intercession – forgetting it is all here already inside me. I will not find it in the world. I must look inside to where you already are. When your voice reaches me through the statements of others, it is this inner voice echoing back to me. I recognize you in the world because you are reflected.

Lord, let me see you. Let me quietly look and listen for you.

O! Here you are.

(Letter #1290)