Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dear God, day by day, I seek you. I beg you to come to me, to sit beside me, to hold my hand, to lay yourself over me and protect me. Such yearning for support and safety.

Yet I know, Lord, in the quiet morning of reflection, this truth: you are within me.

This seeking and yearning is misplaced, for you are already here. Indeed, you hide from me, there in the last place I look. I search all around for evidence and only seldom do I look inside. But that is where you are.

To see you as an outside force, visiting and saving, supporting and loving – even as I express devotion, this diminishes you into an outside agency. No.

You are in me.

Lord, let me grasp all the implications of this. Let me see how instantly this erases every fear and trivializes every goal.

Let me quit looking for you under rocks and behind curtains, O Lord. Let me see you, here, inside me. Let me allow your warming love to course through my limbs. Let me unleash gratitude for your constant inner presence.

(Letter #1298)