Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dear God, peering out into the dawn, do I view the day rightly? I see challenges and tasks, and I search for the right pathway through them. If only I walk the correct route, then the obstacles will be avoided. Fearsome beasts will lay sleeping while I creep by.

All this I imagine, scanning the morning. All a mirage.

Lord, correct the picture I carry in my mind. There is no puzzle to be solved, nor course to be run. This day is a string of moments, each a gift.

Let me be, dear Lord, expectant. Strike into my heart an eagerness. Make me curious. Let me live with no goal other than to be fully awake and grateful in each moment.

Instead, I worriedly look across the clearing, searching for the right trailhead.

There is no correct path through this day. O, Lord, such loving freedom you rain upon me! Let me turn my face to the sky with open mouth.

(Letter #1464)