Saturday, January 26, 2019

Dear God, your love, your peace, your power is a smoothly flowing river. You flow through me, my fellows, my community. Smooth power, available to all.

A small part of things, what then must I do with this smoothly coursing force?

Even the refreshing, calm pool of water moves unseen. It has an outflow, else it goes brackish.

So, too, are the rapids a trial. They are chaos, suitable only for those who crave distraction.

And the dam? It robs those downriver of their due.

I, Lord, a vessel of flowing water, your obedient river — let me take heed. Let me not be the stones and incline that cause the whitewater, nor let me be the stagnant pool of muck. Let me not dam your flow and act the miser.

If I am to flow, let me calmly give all away. Let idle rest and ecstasy be equally illusion.

My life, this day, let it be filled with the slow giving of gifts.

(Letter #1477)