Saturday, February 23, 2019

Dear God, if my life is abundant, what then must be my experience? Do I sit idle among heaps of treasure? Do I walk through bountiful orchards while blind to the fruit that needs picking? This throng of fellows, do I shut myself away from them, barring the door against disturbance?

Lord, you give us your creatures abundance. I therefore am called to act. You offer so many gifts of which to partake.

Why, then, do I hide in my closet and shun even the lightest obligation? These chores I am called to do are markers of ecstasy.

Today, Lord, let me laugh with joy at all my duties. You bless me with obligation, you lovingly allow me to express devotion through my effort.

O! Let me be a joyful servant in this house of abundance.

(Letter #1,505)