Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dear God, what kinds of miracles do you perform in my life?

You alter my path to steer me around calamity. You place ideas in my head when I am unsure what to do. You speak to me in the voice of others. You deliver trials when I am ready to grow.

And yet, day by day, worry clouds my site. I carry tomorrow’s burdens, yet you come to help with today’s only. He sat down this worrisome stone, and walk on.

I am walking along this path with others. They are watching me to see how I step, what I carry with me, what kind of expression I hold.

Let me provide a good example. Let my pack hold only what is necessary, let my gait be measured, let my countenance beam with a smile.

Lord, let my leadership be fellowship.

(Letter #1,509)