Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dear God, there is a well-worn path beside my dwelling. I walk it in the morning as I patrol the edges of my home area. Who made this path? Countless steps before me — but I, too, add my own.

This path leads to refreshment and the way is easy. I wear it smoother each morning.

But look! A branch has fallen in the night. I stop. The forest stands at my side. I hear song.

This pathway is convenience. Indeed I have infinite choice of direction if I but turn my feet.

Lord, let me hear your sweet song. Let me walk toward you even as you hide behind trees and take me into undiscovered meadows. These new grounds upon which I tread will wear smoother. Later, others may come to stop and wonder if they, too, might leave their path of convenience.

(Letter #1,526)