Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dear God, I awaken. Dawn approaches. The world stirs. The scent of growth is in the air.

Day upon day, Lord, I have walked singly, eyes downcast, avoiding stones in my path. When I have raised my eyes, it has been in fear or worry. What next? I hope for ease, but this is no true hope: it is grasping.

Today, ease has stolen in upon me, a night visitor. Today, I walk with eyes on the horizon. I have no need of hope, Lord, you have already equipped me with ease.

This world I wear loosely. I look to the day’s edge not in desperation but with expectation. No rescue is necessary.

O! Let me meet fellows on this pathway, that I may share this gift of ease. We have all we need for the day.

(Letter #1,589)