Sunday, May 25, 2019

Dear God, I sit here, deep inside my dwelling place, and I monitor my every feeling. Alternate clouds of worry and relief drift; I see clearly each one. I feel my feet on the ground, the air on my skin. My seat presses up against me.

O! So aware am I of all these facets of self. Yet do I act with love for the world? Is there a message I carry? Too seldom, too little, are my answers.

Lord, awaken my actions. If I am to become familiar with self, let it be to helpful purpose. Let me be useful to you and my fellows today.

If I root my attention in this moment, I am spared useless worry. I have the freedom of presence.

Let me devote these discovered moments toward labors of gratitude, Lord. Let this still time prepare me to act.

(Letter #1,596)