Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dear God, let me be guided today. Take each foot and set it where you would have me step. Overcome my intentions and plans – use me as your instrument.

Let me not just seek knowledge of your will, for this places my own choices at the center. No: let your will be made manifest today. Let it unfold.

Let your will pour over me like a flood. Let it be inexorable.

And me, let me be a small leaf on the rising waters. All is yours, whether I admit it or not. May thy will be done upon me and my fellows.

(Letter #1158)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Dear God, all these tasks crowd my mind; they press on me. I have come so far away from you, I imagine this list of things that must be done amounts to a day.

Lord, awaken me. Reawaken me. Let me remember that you offer an unlimited supply of resources and even of wherewithal. You provide all that is needed, sufficient unto this day.

Let me look for this – every need matched by supply. Where I need aid, it will come. Where I need energy, it will come. Where I need willingness, even: it will come.

I am your child, Lord. You see to it that I have all I need. It is all around me, if I but look rightly. Let me look.

(Letter #1157)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dear God, how, Lord, shall I carry your message? I want to proclaim it, to shout it. But I feel your calling, and you drive me to whisper. This quiet voice you give me, the one so few hear.

I misperceive this anonymity as a lesson for me – teaching humility. It is that, but it is more: the discovered voice is the one listened to by the few.

Lord, let me cast away thoughts of influence. Let my telling of your way be an unexpected discovery for a small few.

Let me speak more quietly.

(Letter #1156)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dear God, Look! I have lit a small candle in the corner. An island of light in a dark sea. Here next to me, in the glow, is good feeling and human warmth. Joy.

Perhaps wanderers will see it and make their way to me. They may sit and even, in their entrance, disturb my solitude. Yet the candle burns and welcomes, yea, even trouble. This corner holds joy for all.

Lord, let me keep this space welcoming. Let all travelers find a spot to sit — let me not grumble nor sulk at the fellows whom your light, this candle, attracts.

I am the flame keeper, the steward of candles. The striker of matches. Let this small task be sufficient of itself, let me not embellish it with honoraria.

Let me, Lord, simply tend this candle and welcome those who are drawn to it.

(Letter #1155)

Friday, March 9, 2018

Dear God, let this life of moments be filled with devotion to your will. Let each moment, the one cascading upon the other, be guided. Let me move through these days in alignment with your will.

You call me not only to act as your loved child, but to think as him too. Let me, in each allotted moment, be aware of you underlying all. Let me repeat, over and over, returning to you, until my consciousness of you in each moment is second-nature.

I fail in this. I fail over and over. Each new moment is a chance to conquer this distracted mind. Let me take each one. Let me not float through this day, unaware. O what a tragedy to end my day, to retire, thinking I was my own motive force! I would therefore have slept through my waking hours. Today, let me awaken.

(Letter #1154)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dear God, as within, so without. Let me, above all, draw near to you inwardly. Let me hear your close whisper in my ear, feel your arm around my shoulder. You are no distant power, but an intimate friend. You are the treasure at my center.

The events of the day come and go, my troubles and my successes all equally. These blowing storms cause barely a ripple in the smooth waters of your safe harbor. I am sheltered.

Let me recognize the safety you provide, even as I venture out where you direct. I take you with me, and so come with me your calm waters. Let me look upon trouble with the equanimity that only comes of assurance. All will be well. Let me align my steps with your guidance – you will move my hand to steer a safe path.

(Letter #1153)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dear God, let me be a doer of your will, my Lord. I spend so much energy in seeking and trying to discern your guidance – let me give equal devotion to the doing. I am no simple hearer, nor speaker. I am the sum of my acts. Let my deeds today be ones that express your will.

I see myself as facing so many troubles, needing guidance. My prayers to you, Lord, consist in pleas for knowledge. I childishly imagine that, if only I knew more, knew the secret, my troubles would fall away. I fail to see, or ignore, the unwelcome nature of your guidance: it is a set of instructions.

Let me follow your orders, dear Lord. When you say, speak, let me open my mouth. When you say, give, let me act with charity. When you say, halt, let me bridle myself.

A doer of your work. Make me a doer.

(Letter #1152)