Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dear God, let me be transparent today. Let me pass along your love and power without restriction. Let me regard all those around me as equally your children.

Take away my fear today, O Lord, I am so fearful.

Grant me willingness to turn my attention away from self, away from worries about the future, and instead toward here and now, and how I may be a channel of love for you to help my brothers and sisters.

Thy will be done today.

(Letter #1397)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dear God, grant me presence.

My thoughts drift into vague places, unformed worries over the future, distant regrets over past failures. I distract myself to get through the day and, thus, the present moment slips through my fingers. I am left with the vague ghosts of past and future.

Lord, let me live today. Let my every moment draw out, let me be intent on the here and now. Grant me this moment, over and over. Let me pursue this gift, for I know you will meet me when I seek you.

(Letter #1396)

Monday, November 5, 2018

Dear God, let me be aware today of all I have to be grateful for. Let me see how I can have gratitude even for those things that vex me.

This discomfort I feel, O Lord, this sense of being ill at ease: let me see how it, too, works your will. My sorrows make me more compassionate; my trials make me more resilient; my fears pass and show me how to live without the need of courage. Yea, even my dull chores teach me orderliness.

Let me be grateful today.

(Letter #1395)

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dear God, I am enslaved by selfish thoughts and motivations. My desire for praise, my fear of want, my terror at being judged, my envy of others’ well-being — all shackles affixed to my misperceived self.

Lord, set my thoughts free. Let me not care for my status, safety, or comfort. My task on this earth is to spread news of your love. Does the hammer fear or resent the nail? Let me become useful, Lord.

(Letter #1393)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Dear God, let my insufficiency guide me today. Let me give away the last of my energy and resources, leaving space for you to fill. In strength, I think myself the author of my success – it is in weakness that I recognize how needy I am. Let me, therefore, walk toward greater humility.

Knock aside this pedestal I have climbed up upon. If I am to toil, let me do so among my fellows, one among many. Let me share their load and ease their tired feet.

Even weak as a child, I can buoy others with good cheer.

(Letter #1392)