Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dear God, let me have acceptance today. Let me not bang on shut doors, grasp for more than my share, nor rebel against restraint and affliction. These things take place in a realm that does not touch my true heart. They are momentary and pass. The truth of you, dear Lord, remains.

And yet, amidst worldly events, I console myself. Let me set aside this self-pity and live.

(Letter #1459)

Monday, January7, 2019

Dear God, let me create silence today, that we may hear your soft voice.

What I hear let me pass it along equally quietly. Let me not shout from rooftops nor in open fields – let me murmur into the ears of my fellows who lean in.

Let those who wish to hear find me.

(Letter #1458)

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dear God, here I sit, an instrument in a drawer, awaiting use. O! What will you build with me? A hammer cannot wield itself.

Today, resting, let my edges remain sharp and my surfaces smooth. Let no rust collect. Let me improve my function.

Polish me, sharpen me, Lord, through use.

(Letter #1457)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Dear God, even in these early hours, they come to me. I am awake, Lord, let me not wait to spread your love. I closet myself to prepare for the day, and you send the day to find me, to bestir me. What do these friends seek? Kind words, a soothing gaze.

Let me act with fondness, dear Lord. Every resource I have, let me pass it on. Let me be a clear stream from which my sisters and brothers may drink.

Let me hold nothing back: you will replenish me anon. Others need this water more than do I. Let me flow.

(Letter #1456)

Friday, January 4, 2019

Dear God, let me look with clear eyes upon this world. I dress up events into stories that feature me as protagonist. I am the center of what I see.

Lord, let me take a broader view. The stories I apply to the world are imaginary. There is no dramatic arc to my days.

Let me accept this gift of this day without the need to add my own embellishment.

(Letter #1455)