Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dear God, in my interactions with others, let me focus my efforts on behaving rightly.

Let me attend to my own actions and not try to control the reactions of others. I am often trying to arrange circumstances around me to suit my liking, and this includes people. This places me in a state of agitation – worrying about how I will control the outcomes of every interaction.

Lord, let me remember that all around me are people, each their own complete being. For me to seek to control them is to try to take your place. It is not only a lack of faith, but it is also arrogance. Hubris. I have no standing to control others. Let me not seek it.

Lord, let me see clearly and accept my place in this world. Let me be your servant, just one among many. Let me recognize those around me as equal agents under your gaze.

Let me try my hardest to be a friend to my fellows, a partner in labor, a brother. Let me bring enthusiasm to all my tasks today, and make others’ burdens lighter.

Let me accept and do your will today.

(Letter #918)