Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dear God, for some time I have been dissatisfied with external circumstances. My physical body is not to my liking. My professional life is enveloped in tension. My finances are challenging. My behavior in family relations causes friction.

Yet, Lord, as I sit in this room and listen to the sounds around me, and feel the ground beneath my feet, I recognize that none of these outward conditions are as I believe them to be. All of my vexations arise from the judgments and stories I tell myself about what are, in reality, neutral phenomena.

The tension and aggravation I feel is entirely due to my attitude. I can be displeased that my body is not leaner, or I can be grateful that I have physical health. I can be despondent that I do not have greater recognition in my career, or I can be delighted at the stability and security my job provides. I can be frustrated at the reactions of those around me, or I can be comforted in the fact that I am loved.

If my attitude is the result stories I myself tell, then it must be so that what I perceive as reality is in fact unreal.

I am a spiritual being and indeed construct my own reality. Lord, let me bring my thinking in line with your will for me. Only when I draw near to you do I truly feel whole. When I perceive things going well in my life, I may have fleeting comfort – but when I align my thoughts to your will I have true peace.

Lord, let me release the stories I tell that do not serve me. Let me be filled with love and peace. Let me know I am safe to my core. Let me accept the freedom you offer. Thy will be done.

(Letter #920)