Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dear God, what would you have me do today, O Lord? I make my own plans, and I do not seriously enough seek guidance. I imagine I know how the day will or should unfold. I look to you as an afterthought.

How, Lord, can I better place your will before all else? How can I do more than simply mouth the words of my prayers? If I am honest, with myself and with you, my seeking is inadequate. I pretend to pray, I pretend to ask for guidance. In reality I have my own plans and designs.

Lord, burn this selfishness out of me. Make me ready to have faith. Let me be more willing to believe, more willing to be guided.

Today, let me pause before acting. In that pause, grant me a better motive and move me to act according to my higher nature.

Let your will be done today.

(Letter #949)