Monday, August 7, 2018

Dear God, I busy myself trying to change the conditions in which I find myself. I tell myself I am seeking your will as to how I ought to respond to the world. In reality, I ask myself: how can I manage the world? At the core of this question is dissatisfaction and ego. I am not pleased with the way things are, and changing it is entirely up to me.

Lord, let me see things differently. Let me approach the day with acceptance. Everything that happens, or does not, is indeed your will.

How can I best accept these conditions? How can I learn what lesson you are teaching me? How should I grow? In what direction do you move me?

The difference is one of mind set. Starting with acceptance, I may have a chance to be a source of harmony today.

Let me find peace today, and give it to others.

(Letter #950)