Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dear God, draw near to me. For too long I have felt so far from you, indeed, on some level, estranged. I sit and I pray each morning, yet it is empty. I can recall times when your spirit infused me, when I felt radiant with your love. Let those days come again.

I have heard often that, at any moment, I can start my day over again. Perhaps I might apply this approach to the low spot in which I find myself. It is completely within my power to alter my attitude. Let me use the same tools on my spiritual life that I use on my moral development. Let me become willing that this estrangement might be removed. Let me act as if it already had been healed. Let me hold my head high, secure and buoyed by faith in your love.

For indeed, wailing about how far you are is the wrong approach. You are always present and any distance I perceive is because I myself have not drawn near enough to you. Let me seek you. Let me actively draw closer to you. Let this be my new attitude.

Lord, guide me. Let me try ever harder to seek and to do your will. This doing will draw me closer to you, closer to a faith in you. To seek you – that is the proper use of my will.

I am seeking you today.

(Letter #951)