Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dear God, how is one day different from any other that has since passed or is yet to come? The sun rises and sets on each, I awaken and exist equally through all days. My tasks and actions in their detail change, but in truth, not in fundamental ways: my burdens are strikingly similar day in and day out. And you are present in every moment.

Yet, my dear Lord, some days I am weary. Other days I am charged with energy. Some days fearful. Some eager. Some days I feel your nearness. And, O my tragedy, some days I feel you to be distant from me.

All this variation, which I mistake for life! Illusion, self-wrought. You are no further today than yesterday, nor no nearer. And my assignments today remain the same: Hear your guidance. Do your will. Embody your message. Love my fellows.

When I see rightly, what a simple life I lead. I imagine myself as in a labyrinth, unsure of which turnings to take. Yet it is a maze with one path, a child’s puzzle. I need only look down at my feet and keep stepping. You make my way easy even when I suppose it to be difficult.

Let me, Lord, see the ease you have bestowed on me. Let me see the simplicity of this day, clearly shining through the veil imagined complexity.

(Letter #1118)