Friday, February 2, 2018

Dear God, let my thoughts be transformed. I anticipate the walk through the day, and in so doing I remark on all the stones in my path, every turning and fork. Each threatens to be impassable from my low vantage point. How ever to cross that nearby chasm? I fear equally that I will perish in the crossing, or become idle and unmoving.

O God, correct my thinking. All these looming challenges are in truth unremarkable, pebbles to stride through, gullies to step over. At every turning, God, let me be guided. You tell me where to step and what to grasp. Let me hear your simple instructions.

You call me to practice love. Let me bend all my exertions toward this. Let me love in all the small ways I can, each step, each word spoken, each minor act. Let me open my eyes and see that to love is the pathway you have marked out.

I fear the abyss and so fix my gaze upon it. Let me instead follow this gentle track that offers such lovely views.

(Letter #1119)