Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dear God, I ask and ask for what I already have.

I seek a sign – they are all around if I but read them. I seek knowledge of the right action – my heart verily knows which way my foot should next fall. I seek nearness to you – and I keep relearning that you were with me all along.

Lord, I know these things. You have taught and re-taught me. Why, then, do I feel so lacking in what I seek?

O my dear friend, it is willingness I am missing. Willingness to see and read your guidance. Willingness to walk hard paths. Willingness to shed self-reliance and hold your hand like a child.

O Lord, let me cultivate willingness within me. Let the seed of willingness grow, let it break upward from the dirt, let it flower under the beaming love that makes its way into my walled garden. Your love.

Let me set aside this misguided search for knowledge. I know all I need. Let willingness guide me today.

(Letter #1128)