Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dear God, let me learn better to set aside judgment. The truth of my inner life is that I am always evaluating and judging: events, conditions, people. In all things, moments to moment, I assess and react based on how I am affected. My incessant judgment a prison made up of self-regard.

And O, Lord, my judgment becomes a weapon I turn on myself. Such small steps I take from seeking guidance, to self-examination, finally to judging myself. What a wrong path.

You love me, your creation, yet I am pigheaded enough to think that I can discern to what degree, to compare your love for me with what I perceive your love is for others. You say: judge not – and this is the instruction I most often defy.

Lord, let me be willing, instead, to be your steward. You have made this creation, quickened these souls, all around. You rose me to be among them. I clearly hear your quiet call to tend these things, all equal.

Let me foster the growth of all of your creation, without distinction. Let me block none from your warming light.

(Letter #1130)