Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dear God, hold my hand. Guide me through the day. Take me here and there, to the places you would have me act, at the times when you would have me do so. Let me not cast my gaze forward and forward, into my fantasies about tomorrow. Here, now: keep me here.

You take me by the right hand and guide me. My strong hand. The one that would be otherwise filled implements, tools, weapons even. But your strong hand fills mine and pulls me.

My weak hand is left to the work and I face a choice: pursue mastery and let go my grip on you, or accept your power and trust you to guide my work in all my clumsy weakness.

Let me trust you, O Lord! Even beyond my own imagined power. Let me not pursue mastery but instead dependence.

Let me, Lord, do your will, as simply as I can manage in all my personal weakness. Let me see my faith as all the sufficiency my tasks require. O my Lord, thank you for this sense of dependence.

(Letter #1169)