Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dear God, thank you, O Lord, for drawing near to me. For so long I have sought you and pursued you with desperation. Never did I find you. I look back and see now that it is you who found me.

I am sorely tempted to attribute my faith to effort on my part, to my persistent prayer, to my daily attempt to live as you would have me do. In truth, these attitudes are prideful and false. I cannot say I hold faith due to any special virtue – no, you snuck up upon me. You came to me without warning, without announcement. I simply realized one day that I believe, and that I had for some time.

Your arrival in my life has no date nor duration. You are here, with me. You have always been and always will be. You, Lord, are my supply, my source, my root.

Let me rise from here and glide through the day blown by your wind. Let me seek nothing, but instead exist in expectation of your support. Take away my pride and selfishness, my self-regard, my self-congratulation.

You gave yourself to me as a gift —the same gift to make available to all. You will come to others. To all of us. We need but open our eyes to see you.

Let me be awake to you, O Lord. Let me awaken my fellows, nudging them with the good news.

You are here! You always have been.

(Letter #1170)