Friday, March 31, 2018

Dear God, let me do more. Let me see how much farther there is for me to go.

I congratulate myself on the small progress I make here and there, yet in truth it is all so trivial. My habits are in order, yet my mind remains unruly. My behavior is not filled with transgressions, yet my will is so selfish. Even as I present a placid countenance, my intentions seethe and boil.

O my Lord, discipline my interior! Burn away this self-regard, this willfulness.

Set me aflame, dear Lord. Grant me energy, let me set about offering joy to all the world. Let this effort crowd out my inner self, this fiction. Let me become nothing but faith, nothing but devotion.

You are balm to the world, Lord. How dare I withhold your spirit? Let me work and work again, harder, to pass on your warmth.

(Letter #1176)