Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dear God, let me learn simplicity. Let not my mind be so unruly, filled with thoughts and plans, list upon list.

You call me to maintain one thought at the center of all: my faith in you. My devotion to you. Instead, I am consumed with planning. Obligations. Goals. Aspirations. Fears. All trivia, set down on a list, one which I then placed upon an altar. My plans for the day become a false god and I thus become little more than a paper cup in the wind, blown from task to task, from activity to activity, a never ending stream of doing

Lord, O Lord. Still me. Teach me. Bridle me, let this bit in my mouth turn my nose to you. Walk me slowly along your pathways.

Rob me of my plans, O Lord. Burn my lists. Take away my clever scheming. Make me simple.

One thought: you. Let it burn so brightly I can think none other.

(Letter #1177)