Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dear God, I arrange my life and affairs so carefully. Consistency and comfort, security and ease. I beam with pride at the structure thus built. Look! No winds blow the walls over; no intruder can open the window.

You kick it all over like a pile of sticks, and I scurry to re-stack them.

Let me become willing to learn the lessons you teach. How will you enter my life today? What next will you call me to do? Surely it is not something already on my agenda. Let me view the blowing winds with calm interest.

Let me, Lord, embrace every new challenge you send to me. You are filing away my rough edges, polishing me smooth, building new strengths. How could I possibly deserve such loving attention and care? Yet too often, I regard your love and tests as intrusion and calamity.

Your way may be hard and stony, but you lead me along it that I may look upon other difficult pathways with equanimity.

Let me see rightly.

(Letter #1191)