Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dear God, let me circulate among my fellows today, bringing news of your love to all comers. Let me welcome all.

Let me follow where you lead without question. My pathways are so worn that I make new turnings only with difficulty. These well-worn roads offer safety — yet who new do I encounter in such familiar settings? When you whisper to step sideways, to walk where no road yet exists, let me have courage to listen and do.

Walking in such new fields, when I encounter others let me not shrink from them but approach. Let me greet all, let me be warm and hospitable. Let them wonder at the kindness they receive.

Let me pass along the great tidings that you love all. Your love, a warm beam, quickens us. Some know why our hearts beat faster; others are mystified. Let me share the discovery I have made, of you living within my beating heart.

(Letter #1204)