Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dear God, consumed with thoughts of self, my world narrows down to a slit. I see all events through the lens of self, which presents just one color. How do things affect me? This is the only thought this way of thinking allows. So narrow.

Lord, break the chains that imprison me in my incessant self-regard. Let me think in a new direction. Let me serve you, serve others. Let me deny self, grind self down to a nub, always place myself last.

Lord, I do not believe you placed me on this earth simply to survive nor even to thrive alone. I am here to serve a purpose, to benefit others. Let me abandon my narrow, inward aims and instead set about doing your will.

Let me give, give, give – until I run out of energy and resources and then let me give again and yet again. Let me go long past where I feel safe. More, let me give more.

You fill me, you buoy me, you make me soar and find miraculous fonts of energy to bring light to all. Doing your will, I never exhaust your supply.

(Letter #1205)