Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dear God, I expend such effort in trying to discern and follow your will – as if there were some difference between mine and yours. Yet you are the prime cause, you move all of the earth. What happens is always your will.

My fear, my shortcomings, my idleness – these are all your will as equally as are my virtuous doings. You challenge me to discern your love for me even in crisis and difficulty.

And so I am left with a simple task. Find you in all things, thank you in all things.

Lord, let me have gratitude in each moment, yea, down to the seconds within each hour. Every circumstance was designed and delivered by you just for me, as were my reactions. Even when I misbehave and bring upon myself trial and calamity – it was you who designed it so, all that I may learn something

Let me learn the lessons you teach, O Lord. Let me give thanks for everything.

(Letter #1208)