Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dear God, I am so distracted and tangled up in self. My thinking is preoccupied with how things will affect me. I dwell on fears of what may come, planned activities, hoped-for outcomes. Barely aware of the nature of my thinking – I am driven forward by reaction and instinct. in this way, I am asleep.

Lord, let me step out of my self. Let me see my thought-life clearly. Grant me a pause between stimulus and response. In this pause, enter my thinking and point my gaze in the proper direction. Point me toward others and away from self.

Today, Lord, let me be an anonymous custodian of your mansion. Let me be invisible, let me be content with my small and detailed task. Let me seek no recognition. Let me polish the fixtures and clear the paths for all those who walk through your hallways.

(Letter #1209)