Friday, May 4, 2018

Dear God, will I recognize your gifts today?

I see my world as filled with hardship and trial – and so your gifts must surely involve some sort of relief. So my thinking goes. But perhaps the trials themselves are the gifts. What are you making me ready for, O Lord? What is the lesson you are giving to me?

I see everything through the lens of self. Distorted. Inverted. Take off these blinders, Lord, and let me see clearly. Let me look around and see these gifts glowing with warmth, your secret treasures heaped right here next to me.

I was tripping over piles of jewels, cursing the debris. Let me recognize your love when it is plain, there in front of me. Close enough to touch. Those things I pine for – let me see where and how they already have come to me.

(Letter #1210)