Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dear God, I consider the day ahead. Even in this limited look forward I encounter worry and fear. Out of self-protection, I draw a tighter circle around my thinking, limiting, limiting it to the here and now.

Yet this I do out of desperation. It is not devotion to this moment but fear of the future that spurs me to think so.

Lord, why can I not look forward and view the gathering storms with equanimity, even joy? The ride will be fun! Yet I cleave to my slow path and cower, pretending it to be virtue.

The future will be a string of moments, no more nor less then the one now. Let me look upon them fondly, just as I do this one I am in. Lord, you are and will be with me throughout. If all is well, then too all will be well.

Grant me eyes to see truth, Lord, and the joy it contains.

(Letter #1468)