Friday, January 18, 2019

Dear God, let me live acceptance today.

Trials beset me and I am afraid of challenges. I am so small in this world, my plans so inconsequential that they are swept aside by events. I am suddenly called upon to show strength, endure hardship, to help others, to comfort the week. Self-pity makes me a churning knot of worry, as I cower and wonder what will happen next.

Lord, let me accept the world as it is and, like a forest creature, set about tending to my day based on what is. The deer do not suddenly give in when there is snowfall. The bird does not cease flight when its nest is blown down. They attend to their tasks of living.

Lord, let me attend to my duties. These challenges that worry and vex me, let me accept them. Let acceptance grow and shove aside this self-pity.

(Letter #1469)