Saturday, January 19, 2019

Dear God, I awaken and walk slowly, with careful attention, into your day. You have smiled upon me in the night. My core glows with peace. It gives me energy to move, speak, think with deliberate care.

My chores, I approach them as a ceremony. Even taking my seat becomes a sacred act. My feet carefully arranged on the floor, my hips pressed softly against the chair-back. My lids half-closed so the room becomes soft.

Lord, it is this glowing peace that allows me to stop time so. I live right here. A universe unfolds from this moment. Each one I can approach as a sacred ceremony, ancient, passed down, waiting to be executed with as much devotion as I may bring to bear. Exquisite in its ordinary components.

O! What rapture, Lord, this life of careful attention.

(Letter #1470)