Sunday, June 9, 2019

Dear God, where I see troubles, let me see instead lessons.

Where I am frightened, let me instead look for ways to be helpful.

When I am become fearful, let me see the evidence of your love for me.

Let me smell the growing things around me, when I might instead sit sullen and selfish.

Your love, O Lord, an ember in my heart. Let it cover the land like rolling fields of grass.

(Letter #1,611)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Dear God, thank you for my feet, rooted in the ground. For my hands, dexterous and nimble to grasp. For my legs, sturdy. My arms, my neck, my back — strong. My eyes to see, ears that hear, voice to speak.

I walk with such satisfied power, a prideful balloon. This gratitude, let it be more than glad feeling. Let it train me.

Brimming with ability, Lord, let me direct my capacities toward your will. Let the self in me wither, let my abilities direct themselves toward others.

You gave me strength, Lord. Let me not squander it on myself.

(Letter #1,610)

Friday, June 7, 2019

Dear God, when trouble comes, let me not respond with worry. You have told me that the world I encounter will contain challenge and vexation.

Yet, too, you shine upon me.

The sun warming me reminds that all will be well. All is well. The termites of worry are my own additions. They are reflections of how limited my reliance upon you truly is.

Let me stretch out in the warmth. Let the sunshine drive away these termites. Let me recall, at depth, that all is well.

(Letter #1,609)

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Dear God, I face the day and fear what it may bring. My first impulse is to ask you to arrange events for my comfort.

Let me instead, Lord, seek what I lack that will allow me to meet conditions. Let me seek strength, equanimity, compassion.

Let me walk as your child, encountering the world.

I, your child, am enough.

(Letter #1,608)

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dear God, will you speak to me today?

My surroundings are filled with objects; I am too much alone and numb in a mechanical world. Whisper into my heart, Lord, and quicken me. Grow love in me.

Let the tasks of this day be not survival and advancement, but love and succor. Let me ask at each moment: how can I add love to this?

Let me see, Lord, the world filled with souls.

(Letter #1,607)