Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dear God, sit with me. Be my companion. My interior life is a turmoil, even as my outer life appears placid. My mind tumbles event upon possible event; I craft great palaces in the future and like a child I kick them over with equally great imagined calamity. All false.

Sit with me. Be my companion, a fellow sitting beside me, watching the smooth waters of an indifferent lake. On the far shore, a deer grazes without fear. Nearer, a fish jumps. The sun shines.

When filled with worldly vexations, I am blind to all the serene beauty around me. Sit with me. Calm me, let me see it. Make it visible even when I am shut away in an interior room, or thronged by others with their demands.

Let me quietly feel your nearness. Let me be settled by it.

Thank you.

(Letter #997)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Dear God, let my thoughts rest here, now, in this present moment. Already, so early, my mind casts forward days, weeks, and even months. Hopes and fears cloud my thinking and I barely know where I am and what is real.

My body, seated, still, in this room with you, breath slowly moving in and out. Lord, bring my attention here. What transpires here, between me and you, is all I need to be attentive to.

Let me please place my relationship with you in the center of my thoughts. Let it be the only reality with which I concern myself.

Let me do your will today, O Lord.

(Letter #996)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dear God, cease the chatter in my mind. The worry, the fear, the planning, the scheming, the envy, the self-regard. Burn it all away and leave my thoughts a clear plain. Let me recognize the landscape of my day for the trivia it is.

All the little happenings and challenges. Let me look past it all to see your will for me.

Lord, I know you support me underneath all. Let me perform my duties obediently, without fanfare and without doubt for my future. Let me act as a child, secure that at day’s end, when I lay my head down, you will have provided all I need.

Let me become willing to seek your will in all things and at all times.

(Letter #995)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dear God, I am so quick to see my life as filled with troubles. Small amounts of disarray are seen as chaos, brief periods of waiting for needed resources are seen as denial, honest criticisms from others are seen as failure. The story I tell myself is that I face trials and opposition, and that I must battle and endure to survive.

Lord, let me shrug off these attitudes like an old cloak. If I look honestly at the course of my life, none of these troubles has ever been as real nor as momentous as I feared and perceived. Disarray has become healing order, waiting has ended, criticisms forgotten and corrected.

Lord, let me dismiss these things I too easily see as calamity. Let me turn my attention to finding the willingness to seek and do your will.

Let me walk slowly, deliberately, joyfully through my day, untouched and cheerful. The mud of the world cannot touch me.

(Letter #994)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dear God, I alter or withhold action so often as a result of my emotions. I feel one way, so I act. I feel another way, so I change. What you call me to do, my obligations, persist. Yet I approach them chaotically, all at the whims of my emotions.

Lord, let me have steadfast equanimity. Let me glow with your light, and bring this even, positive disposition to my every task. No matter the calling, let me thankfully immerse myself in the doing.

I have such a changeable nature. Steady me. Govern me. Suck the drama out of my life, the chaos, the disorder. Place my feet where they belong, and guide me to set them each one before the other, steady and carefully.

Grant me a deliberate nature today, let me be an oasis of peace. Let me bring this peace to all today.

(Letter #993)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Dear God, I sit quietly, shut away from the world, in communion with you. My secret friend, sitting with me while I plan for the day. You strengthen me and soothe me.

Yet, when I get up from here, you seem to disappear like a mist. The peace I knew just moments ago flees me, and I once again face a world of challenge and difficulty, feeling alone.

Lord, my secret friend, let me take you with me. Indeed, it is not you who leaves, but it is I who do not properly see. You are with me all along, I only imagine you to be gone. You are my true friend and will not abandon me.

Dear, sweet Lord, I am grateful that you have grown into this friend. It has only come through persistent prayer, over time. This is a relationship built bit by bit. Thank you for slowly revealing yourself to me.

Let me glide through this world aware of your love, even when assailed by the trivial enemies that litter the day. Thank you.

(Letter #992)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dear God, I mouth the words of love and service, but my inner heart is too often empty. I look out upon the world with a numb, calculating soul. I look for advantage in every event. I assess my ranking among my fellows. I look for evidence of eminence.

Lord, let these self-seeking motives slip away. Let me look upon events with one thing in mind: Where is the opportunity to be of help? Let me see these as your true gifts – not a peaceful feeling, not elation, not even health.

No, your gifts are the myriad opportunities you present to me to be useful and responsible in my day to day life, to be helpful to my fellows. My fellows, the very ones my misshapen heart seeks to surpass. Let me be just one among a number of equally ordinary souls.

(Letter #991)