Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dear God, I ask you, each morning, to build with me. To use me — my body, my energies, my thoughts, my deeds — as Thou wilt. Let me not, O Lord, flatter myself that I am a more worthy or effective implement than any of my fellows. If you are to build with me, then I am equal to the next stone in this field wall.

One among many. Let me see myself rightly. The task of such a stone is to rest by others. None is more needed than its neighbor, nor less. My duty is simple and manageable: to be one among a line.

And which of your purposes will this field wall, of which I am just a part, serve? We may protect some farm plot, we may mark some safe edge, we may contain some vulnerable and wandering soul.

We may, perhaps, be the support against which a tired worker lays their back, resting as they do some greater labor that you have set in motion.

One among many, O Lord. Let me seek no more than to be an implement of your use.

(Letter #1120)